Farming in High Heels

There is nothing that feels as wonderful to the skin as alpaca clothing. I wear my alpaca inserts in my muck boots and my alpaca sweaters with high heels. Alpaca is functional, fashionable, and wonderfully sustainable.

Farming In High Heels

We have all been there, about to leave for an event and we have to do one last chore.

Natural Fibers

Learn how both you and the environment benefit when you wear natural fibers.

Nesting Material

Learn why alpaca fiber is a great nesting material for song birds and hummingbirds.

Duck Omelette with Herbs

Our sweet ducks produce some of the tastiest eggs. I love to add herbs to them for a delicious breakfast.

The Art of Alpaca Farming

Wonderful facts about alpacas and the joys of raising them.

Organic Coffee = Happy Farmer

Some things I have learned about organic coffee and other food from my fellow farmers.

Lilymoore’s Summer Breakfast Delight

Enjoy this light and healthy breakfast. So tasty!

Yes, Alpacas Have Best Friends

Here is a topic that you might not have thought about but many alpacas have best friends.