There Is So Much Love At Lilymoore Farm

Our 1840’s farm has been part of Dutchess County, NY for over 175 years. We believe it to be something special and hope that you do too! To our knowledge, we are the only working alpaca farm that also houses a farm animal sanctuary that we are aware of. The farm has many animals including alpacas, llamas, a huarizo, goats, horses, a miniature pig and poultry. We absolutely love animals and they are part of our family. Alpacas were chosen for their sweet personalities and amazing fiber. Each animal on the farm is a unique, amazing individual and we enjoy hanging out with each and every one of them.


Diana, the farmer

I believe that farms and animals are really important. I hope that you do too. My family and I took a farm that was abandoned and in disrepair and made it into a place that puts a smile on people’s faces. I am proud to say that Lilymoore Farm is an award winning woman owned business and absolutely love being a farmer. I hope you enjoy the time that you get to spend on our farm – Diana

Our adorable camelids

Our herd includes 27 adorable alpacas, 2 huarizos and 6 llamas. All of them are very loved and bring their own unique personality to the farm. They get hugs and kisses daily – they are just too cute not to hug. Many people’s faces light up when they see them for the first time.

Group Of Alpacas

Our alpaca products

American Made Alpaca was created to highlight the many great alpaca clothing and home goods products that we carry. Many are hand made and made exclusively for us. Alpaca is a sustainable crop and alpacas themselves are very easy on the environment. It is a very earth friendly product.

Our alpacas are shorn once per year. They are not hurt in the shearing process. We adore our animals and would not want them to be harmed in any way. A professional shearer is used each year who is an expert in his field.

The rest of the family

Lots of other fabulous animals call Lilymoore Farm home. Many of these animals really needed for a home and we are very happy that they are part of ours.

Since we love animals so much Tiffany created Dreaming of a Chance Farm Animal Sanctuary to help animals in need. The sanctuary focuses on pigeons – these ancestors of dinosaurs are smart, funny and bring a lot of joy into our lives. Pigeons are incredibly smart and are great companions.