We now have three options for our alpaca buddy program

We have changed our Alpaca Buddy programs to make them more suitiable to your needs.  We have three great options for you:


Best Buddy Program:  Private walk (Age 9 and older)

This experience is an for one or two individuals who book together

Picture of you with your alpaca buddy taken by us

Alpaca keychain

Subscription to our The Camelid Caller Newsletter

1 hour farm visit with your alpaca friend where you learn to walk the alpaca.

Cost $45

Purchase Best Buddy Here

Group Alpaca Trekking: (Age 9 and older)

Photo opportunity with your alpaca friend

One hour farm visit where you walk an alpaca with other individuals (Groups are no larger than 4 people)

Alpaca Keychain

Subscription to our The Camelid Caller Newsletter

Cost $40

Purchase Group Trekking Here

Super Buddy Program: (age 7 and older)

This program is for those of you who want to hang out and interact with an alpaca one on one

There is no walking involved in this program

This experience is for individuals who book together

All participants must be paid for.  No other guests allowed 

We take a picture of you with your alpaca buddy

You get a Alpaca pin

Subscription to our The Camelid Caller Newsletter

1 hour farm visit with your alpaca friend

Cost $40

Purchase Super Buddy Here

For group walks:  All participants must be paid for as part of the program.  No one is allowed to walk along with the alpaca buddy.

For Best Buddy private walk:  One person may purchase a add on Farm Tour to accompany the walker.  No other people may accompany the walker.

Can I hold a child and walk an alpaca?  For safety reasons, we cannot allow this option.  However, our Super Buddy program would be the perfect option for you.  You and your child could interact with the alpaca and have a lot of fun.

When can I fulfill my Best Buddy or Super Buddy gift certificate or program? Please check calendar for availability.  Visits are arranged by calling the farm at (845)605-7002 or emailing us at diana@lilymoorefarm.com. All visits must be pre-arranged. Buddies or their guardians are responsible for setting up their appointments. Please note that all dates may not be available. All visits must occur during the six month period which begins the date payment is received.

Looking to give an Alpaca Buddy as a gift?  We can make a certificate for you.

Alpaca Buddy options are for ages 7 and older for Super Buddy, 9 and older for Best Buddy.  All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

What does it mean to be an alpaca buddy – do we own the alpaca? Being an alpaca buddy means that you are befriending an alpaca on the farm. All alpacas are owned by Lilymoore Farms LLC, and are required to stay on Lilymoore Farm property at all times, but becoming an alpaca buddy allows you to enjoy and help contribute to the care of any one of our alpacas you choose as a buddy.

No dogs allowed on the property except Service Dogs.  No dogs allowed on walks as they make the alpacas nervous.