Alpaca Buddy -

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We offer both Private and Group Treks

This is what you have been dreaming of your entire life or at least for the past few days……….  Have fun walking one of our remarkable alpacas.  It is a wonderful opportunity that will create a lasting memory.  Walk our picturesque farm along with a guide and enjoy the company of your alpaca buddy.

Imagine yourself walking through the woods with one of these gentle creatures. You won’t want to miss this adventure. Groups are small in size, each person walks their own alpaca. Ages 9+ 

We have many people who love Private Treks. Only members of your party and our tour guide are on these treks. Our Private Treks can have 2 to 8 people. Each person walks their own alpaca. Ages 9+

Frequently asked questions:

How do I book?  Please go to our calendar on our Events/Booking page.  Click on the date that you are looking for.  (Dates are up through the end of the year).  Click on the Trek  time that you are looking for.  Purchase tickets.

What is included on the Group Trek?

Up to 8 people walk alpacas at once – sign up just 1 spot for yourself or fill all 6 spots with your friends.  Most treks are capped at 6 people.

Approximately one hour

Ages 9+

Each person walks their own alpaca

Great photo opportunities

Free keychain

Do you have to be 9 or older?  Yes, we require walkers to be ages 9 or older for safety reasons.

Can I buy a ticket for a child and have them walk alongside me?  No, anyone participating on the walk must be ages 9+.  However, younger children love our Farm Tours – this is a great option for a family to do.

Can I walk alongside?  No, each participant must purchase a ticket and be part of the group

Can a minor walk without an adult?  No, all walkers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult

Can I hold a child and walk an alpaca?  For safety reasons, we cannot allow this.  Please be aware that if a minor is accompanying you when you show up for the trek you will be unable to participate in the trek and will not be eligible for a refund.

Can I bring my dog?  As much as we love dogs, there are no pets allowed on the property except service dogs.  It is against New York law to leave a pet in the car even if the air conditioning is on.  As such you would not be able to participate in the trek and would not be eligible for a refund.

What happens if I cannot make it or am late:  Please see our cancellation policy in the footer of our website.

Is professional photography allowed?  No, professional photographers must make appointments with the farm to take pictures.

Can I book a private trek ?  Yes, we have a variety of options for private treks.  Please see our calendar for availability.  Please call the farm if you would like a date not listed. For Private Treks of 6 or more you will be charged the reduced rate of a Group Trek.

Can I book a Private Trek combined with a Farm Tour?  Yes, this option is available on certain week days.  They are 1.5 hours long.

What should I wear?  Please wear shoes that are appropriate for walking through trails and fields.