Great opportunities for team building at Lilymoore Farm

Make your corporate outing a success by having it here!

We know that planning a great corporate outing is tricky.  You want everyone to have a great time.  The last thing that you want is for your employees to be reluctant to participate in it.  We can solve that problem and give your employees something to look forward to.  Let us work with you to create a great experience for your entire team.  We can accommodate almost any size team. 

We offer farm tours and alpaca walking that are a unique experience that participants will remember forever. Our farm is a lot of fun and it gives your team a chance to interact with one another while enjoying our serene farm.

If you are looking to do something to give back to society, we can assist you in working with the sanctuary on our farm, Dreaming of a Chance.  There are many excellent volunteer (including 1 day group) opportunities with this great pigeon sanctuary.

Reach out to us via email or by landline (845)605-7002 to find out more information.