Farming In High Heels

As much as I love my animals and working outside, I also enjoy a beautiful pair of high heels.   Many times when I am in a hurry the two become intertwined.  We have all been there – going out to dinner, going to a wedding, maybe even going to our own wedding  and the horses or other farm animals need hay.  Our hair and nails are done, heels are on and we are running to the barn to feed them.

We accomplish our chores, clean the mud off our heels, go to the event believing that no one will know that we were farming in this outfit.  Plop, out falls a chunk of hay from our hair onto the table.  Most likely we laugh at the hay knowing that this is not the first time nor will this be the last time that this will happen.  But, at least the hay is not in our bra.  Life is good.

If you are like me, you couldn’t imagine life any other way.  Women who farm are strong, both mentally and physically.  We have to be.  Animals depend on us to care for them.  Water buckets need to be carried and crisis need to be handled in an intelligent manner.  There is beauty in our strength.  We never have to worry if our arms are going to be toned for t-shirt weather.  Just muck another stall or field and you will be ready.  Owning the farm has taught me that life does not have to be nor should it be perfect.  With hard work, a little laughter and the right pair of shoes you can muck those fields and dance the night away later that day.