Yes, Alpacas Have Best Friends

Today I am writing about a topic that not many people think about – Alpacas having best friends.  I spend a lot of time working with and hanging out with my alpacas.  I know who they like and who they would rather not have in their field.  Just like people and dogs, alpacas have wide variations in their personalities.  Mardi Gras and Mercy are my party girls –  Angel is too.  Glinda likes to be impish whereas her daughter Lilah likes to do everything perfectly.  Lilah would never even think about behaving in a silly manor like her mom.

If you watch the alpacas, it is easy to spot the best friends.  It’s similar to watching children playing; you see which ones interact with one another.  With both people and animals, non-verbal communication tells you what is going on.  If you observe something long enough, patterns emerge and friendships are easy to spot.

Bella and Tessa have been best friends for awhile now.  They both love to roll in the mud and get completely dirty.  They seem to enjoy it more than the other alpacas.  Now that they are both mothers, I see them feeding each others cria (babies).  I never see them feed any one else’s cria – just one another’s.  As a matter of fact, Tessa’s sister Annie was just born in July and she does not attempt feed her.  Just for the record, Cassie and Blossom always hang out together now too.

Just as they have alpacas that they prefer, they have alpacas that they would prefer not to be near.  I have had Oorah walk out of the field as I open the gate because he was mad at someone in his field.  (For the record, he is one of the few alpaca allowed to do that on the farm.)  He had enough and wanted to be in another field.  I let him.  I have had a few occasions when I needed a little space of my own from people – I knew how he felt.

Even you might have picked up on friendships when you come to the farm or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  When I take pictures the “besties” are usually standing near one another.  Unfortunately, you only see a small percentage of these pictures.  I will try to post more of them for you.  But think, how many pictures that I post contain both Lilah and Angel?  They have been best friends since birth.  Though I will say that Lilah sometimes questions her choice as best friend.  Straight laced Lilah with party girl Angel, they are a very funny combo.

Next time you are at the farm, especially if it is a quiet day, watch how the alpacas interact with one another.  You will notice new things every time.