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Lilymoore Farm is a proud part of Dutchess County’s history:  In 1840, the Moore family built a farmhouse on picturesque acreage in the Moore Mills area of Pleasant Valley, New York. Over the course of 177 years, many changes have occurred on the farm. For a long time members of the Moore family called this place home.

In the early 1900’s, some changes occurred when the barn tragically burnt down and a carriage house had to be built to replace it, but the property still retained the family name and heritage. During the years that the family lived on the property, there was a local railroad station, post office, and of course, a mill nearby.

When we looked at the property in 2013, the farm had slowly lost its shining light. It was trapped in a state of disrepair, with small trees growing from the house.  The barn and fencing partially collapsed. However, we saw through the damage time had tolled on the property, and have transformed it back to its original glory.

Once the property was mostly restored, it was time to fill it with life.  Near where our horses were boarding was a farm with some of the cutest alpacas.  We were lucky enough to see one of them being born a few years before we purchased alpacas.  We went to the Sheep and Wool festival to talk to alpaca owners to find out information and visited a few alpaca farms.  That’s when we decided to purchase Bella and Mercy.   Bella was only three months old and Mercy was just over a year.  A few months later we went to another farm and added Glinda and Oorah to our herd.  Little did we know how addicting these wonderful animals are.  In a little over a year and a half our herd had grown to 18 alpacas and a llama.  All of them are very loved and bring their own unique personality to the farm.

Currently, horses,  alpacas, and numerous chickens, ducks and cats reside on Lilymoore Farm. The fields are full of life and joy, and each year in the late spring / early summer new cria are born. The farm has become the place of harmony that our family always envisioned and so much more.

You are always welcome to make an appointment to stop by and see why we fell in love with Lilymoore Farm.