Built by Stephen Moore

In 1840 the Moore family built this eyebrow colonial on picturesque acreage in the Moore Mills area of what is now Pleasant Valley, NY.

Lilymoore Farm

When we looked at the property in 2013, the farm had lost its shining light.  It was trapped in a state of disrepair.  The house and carriage house needed major restoration. 

Alpacas Come to the Farm

One glimpse of Bella as a cria and we were sold.  She was only three months old and our Mercy was just over a year.  A few months later, at another farm, we couldn’t resist the sweet faces of siblings Glinda and Oorah so we added them to our alpaca herd.  Little did we know how addicting these wonderful animals are.  In just a short time our herd has grown to 18 alpacas and a llama.  All of them are very loved and bring their own unique personality to the farm. 

Lilymoore Farms LLC

With our beautiful farm and adorable alpacas, we knew that we had something special. We created our company so that you could experience the joy of both interacting with alpacas and the decadence of wearing this luxurious products. We want you to feel confident about where your products come from. Our alpacas are shorn once per year - this provides us with the fiber to create our products. They are never hurt in the shearing process. We adore animals and strive to have a healthy, happy herd. We use a professional shearer who is an expert in his field. Our Peruvian products that we sell are all fair trade and come from companies that promote guilt free fur.