Lilymoore Farm

We believe that farms are really important.  We hope that you do too.  We took a farm that was abandoned and in disrepair and made it into a place that puts a smile on people’s faces.  Our farm has been an important part of Dutchess County for over 179 years and it is our hope that it will continue to be well into the future.

our alpacas

One glimpse of Bella as a cria and we were sold on alpacas.  Her buddy Mercy was equally enamoring.  Bella was only three months old and our Mercy was just over a year.  A few months later, at another farm, we couldn’t resist the sweet faces of siblings Glinda and Oorah so we added them to our alpaca herd.  Little did we know how addicting these wonderful animals are.  In just a short time our herd has grown to 25 alpacas and a llama.  All of them are very loved and bring their own unique personality to the farm. (The original 4 are in the photo). 

Our alpaca products

We feel that our adorable alpacas are very special. We want you to feel that same way about your alpaca products that you purchase from us.   Alpaca is a sustainable crop and alpacas themselves are very easy on the environment.

Our alpacas are shorn once per year. They are not hurt in the shearing process. We adore our animals and would not want them to be harmed in any way. We use a professional shearer who is an expert in his field.

All Peruvian products that we sell are all fair trade and come from companies that promote guilt free fur.

Walk an alpaca - Group Trekking

The Rest of The Family

Many other fabulous animals call Lilymoore Farm home.  Many of these were in desperate need for a home and we are very happy that they are part of ours.  Each animal on the farm brings something unique and special that puts a smile on our faces.