Great Photography Options At The Farm

Tiffany and Tralyn

Professional Photography

Are you a professional photographer looking for a beautiful backdrop to take your photographs?  Our 1840’s farm has many great areas for that perfect shot.  We offer weekday times where you and your models can enjoy the use of the farm with the help of one of our farm staff.  We can even allow you to use some of the alpacas as models.  Please call the farm at (845)605-7002 or email us for prices.

Alpaca the Camera at Lilymoore Farm

Once a month May – August we will be hosting a fabulous photography opportunity for amateur photographers.  You can join us for picture taking with alpacas, chickens, the miniature pig and more.  Are you a photography fan?  the selfie queen? an Instagram guru?  This unique experience allows you to take some fantastic pictures with many of our farm animals.

You will be able to take pictures in an alpaca pen, in the Chicken Village run, as well as in the miniature pigs pen.  Bring your camera and smiles for selfie taking, Instagram postings, and silly photos capturing this fun-filled adventure.  Ages 9+ Dates to be posted on our Events page soon.

Please note that professional photography is not allowed during our normal events.  Professional photographers need to book an appointment at the farm please.