Nesting Material Is Important For Songbirds


I love having birds around the farm.  As you know, we have chickens and ducks who are adorable and very social. Our rooster Evan loves to go for walks around the farm.  Today we are expecting six more ducklings to join our family.  It has been a lot of fun having all of you help us name them.

Last year our cat Matrix noticed that a baby downy woodpecker had fallen out of its nest and broken its leg.  He yelled until we noticed it and we were able to take it to the special vet.  At our farm, even one of our cats loves birds.  Lucky for us we have great nesting material readily available to us – our beloved alpaca fiber helps these beautiful creatures flourish at Lilymoore Farm.

Many birds like to add fluffy material to their nest – alpaca fiber is a great choice.  It’s soft, water resistant and comfortable.  It provides the nest with great insulation properties.   Most importantly, it is safe for the birds.  There are a lot of household items on the market that people put into nesting balls that are not safe for the birds.  When you offer the birds alpaca fiber, you have peace of mind that you are giving them a safe option for their nest.

We offer a variety of choices in which to display your nesting materials, from little birdhouses to hanging whisks.  They are adorable, add whimsy to you garden and help the birds as well.  We also sell the nesting material in different sizes so that you can refill your houses.  When you purchase a raffia ball filled with nesting material, please note that the birds love to use the entire ball as nesting material.  But don’t worry, these are safe for them to use.  They are our only option that is not reusable because the birds enjoy using every last piece.

It takes a lot of work building a nest and raising nestlings.  It is much easier on the birds if they do not have to go searching for all of their materials.  They can’t order online and get it shipped to the house like we can.  Providing nesting materials saves them time and energy – we all can relate to that.  Remember the saying “it takes a village” – become part of the song bird or hummingbird’s village in raising their young and enjoy watching them all summer long.