Thank you for the love....

Barbara M.

This is a true treasure. The staff is amazing and very knowledgeable. The animals are great and very gentle. Storytime was very good, especially with a farm animal named Sugar was ours..I highly recommend everyone visiting this place!!

Katie A.

Literally one of the loveliest places I’ve ever visited! We attended a teddy bear picnic and open house and it was magical!

The alpacas are well cared for, the farm was beautiful and the staff was warm and accommodating.

Ariana P.

My family visited the farm today and we had such a marvelous time. The animals were all so well taken care of and the staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. We cannot wait to visit again!


Lilymoore Farm is an amazing place to stop by & visit. The Alpacas are all so beautiful and fun to spend time with. Diana is very friendly and welcoming. I definitely recommend visiting Lilymoore Farm!

Marybeth F.

Lilymoore Farm is a beautiful place to visit in the Hudson Valley. Their alpaca products are luxurious. Diana, the owner, is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Lynn E.

Lilymoore Farm is a great place to see. The setting is beautiful, and the animals amazing. Everyone is very friendly, and knowledgeable about all the animals. I wish I lived closer so I could go there more often. Thanks for the lovely visit.

Sheryl S.

What an idyllic place! We enjoyed this singular experience meeting these dulcet creatures in their spacious habitat and community. Thanks Diana, it was an experience two city girls will always remember!

Louise B.

Today my sisters and I toured the farm. Diana was very informative about all the animals. the farm is a very peaceful and beautiful place. the alpacas are very friendly and also very cute. wish i had the space for a few, again Diana thank you for a lovely afternoon.

Holland M.

This is the best farm by far!!! All of the alpacas are awesome !! Bella, angel, sky, oorah, zane!!! Ahhh I can’t name them all this post would be too long . She has horses, ducks and chickens. Diana is so sweet. You can tell just how much she loves her animals and it shows. Her products are to die for and the fiber used in her hats, scarves, socks and gloves are from HER very own babies .We can’t wait for the farm to open up again and for story time with her animals. The kids just love them and her