Experrience a farm tour at Lilymoore alpaca farm

Experience for yourself how diverse the personalities are of our charming alpacas – each one is a unique individual. Learn the difference between a llama, a huarizo and an alpaca. Be enamored with our adorable pot belly pig.

This hour long guided tour lets you get to know the alpacas, take a photo with an alpaca, meet most of the other furry animals and gives you all sorts of fun information about the animals. Great for families, groups or just singles wanting to have a glimpse on how fun the farm really is. We have even had bachelorette parties come for farm tours and group treks.

Our Private Farm Tours:

*Just for you and members of your party.

*You get a your own exclusive tour guide to show you around the farm and sanctuary and introduce you to everyone – you get to see just how amazing our animals are.

*The price includes up to five people but for an extra fee you can have a much larger group.

*An alpaca is taken out for pictures. A goat comes out as well.

Our Behind The Scenes Farm Tours:

*Cap off at only 20 people.

*There is a tour guide who shows everyone around.

*An alpaca is taken out for pictures. A goat comes out as well.

Find out just how crazy we are about all of our animals. Many of the animals needed homes and we are glad that our farm is now their permanent home. This is a real working farm that is filled with lots of love. You will meet most of the animals that live on Lilymoore Farm as well as the animals that are part of Dreaming of a Chance Farm Animal Sanctuary.

After the tour, you can check out our farm store and see all of the products made from alpaca fiber – we carry everything from alpaca socks to alpaca baskets and much more.